Chapter 1: Introduction
Comics: #1 through #6

Where the comic is started, amazons are referenced, drake happens, and a little bit of leather is revealed.

Chapter 2: The Poke-craze
Comics: #7 through #17

Here there be small animals, a light snack, a soda has magic properties, and Dan finds the way to Mab's heart.

Chapter 3: Prelude
Comics: #18 through #31

Where Pip is sneaky, Wildy ascends to power, sacrifices are demanded, and an army is formed.

Chapter 4: Beach!
Comics: #32 through #51

On the beach with volleyball, photos, snipers, and surfboards.

Chapter 5: Merlitz and the Human
Comics: #52 through #63

Where we meet a band of Adventurers, a myth is proven true, rules are broken, and fleeing becomes an option.

Chapter 6: Twinks!
Comics: #64 through #91

Where there's a bar full of odd snack foods, universes cross, a girl gets made-over, and the world realizes color.

Chapter 7: A Cow Named Lorenda
Comics: #92 through #103

It starts with a walk through the woods, cookies are offered, a carnivore is discovered, and a need is fulfilled.

Chapter 8: Home Again
Comics: #104 through #115

When a home is needed, rats make an appearance, the characters get all... angsty, and a warrior from the future comes abck to ensure the saftey of all of Furrae... or something.

Chapter 9: Daniel Ti-Fiona, Warrior for Hire?
Comics: #116 through #171

With the evil... guy, Dark Pegasus, planning evil things, Dan, with the aid of Mab and Aliyka, a that skimpy bit of leather, head off on a journey to a Kingdom to stop the evil. Bad evil!

Chapter 10: What Makes a Comic Great
Comics: #172 through #193

In an attempt to grab at ratings, the evil Artist leads an assault on decency, life itself... and Dragons, for some reason. Did I mention decency is assaulted?

Chapter 11: Guys Night Out... With Wildy?
Comics: #195 through #239

Where in, Wildy acts out of character, gets dressed up, takes the guys to a dance club, and questions a cookie.

Chapter 12: Patches
Comics: #240 through #272

Lessons are learned as patches are discovered, a mow is born, humanity is enabled, and Mab finds something she thinks is cute... of course.

Chapter 13: The Shortest Story-Arch Ever!
Comic: #273

In a grand and epic battle against the forces of darkness and evil (which aren't always fighting on the same team), Dan must venture forth to get an item of great power so that the forces of darkness and evil (no association) can be stopped.

Chapter 14: A Recipe of Disasters
Comics: #274 through #321

It's a story about family, about succubi, about deception and intrigue... and somehow about shopping as well.

Chapter 15: Disarray, Dischord, and Bubblegum
Comics: #322 through #376

Where in we meet Jyrras's family, there's introductions all around, a tale of confusion, and a strange little pink character is introduced.

Chapter 16: Just Wingin' It
Comics: #377 through #429

It's a time of shock and learning as Dan deals with his Incubus racial issues, including tentacles, coffee filters, swords, and succubi.

Chapter 17: 'Cause Every Comic Needs a Non-Cannon Spy Spoof
Comics: #430 through #480

When a birthday comes around, panic ensues, a party is thrown, a story is written, and Jyrras... well... We'll let you find out what happens to Jyrras.

Chapter 18: Unwilling and Abel at Cubi Academy
Comics: #481 through #608

When trying to get an unwilling Incubus to an academy, it's is best to resort to tried and true tactics: Mow Diagrams, Puppet Shows, Surprise Attacks... and I heard something about muffins?

Chapter 19: Life is Wonderful.
Comics: #609 through #675

Life really is wonderful, though sometimes one forgets that. Perhaps a trip to the mall will remind the guys just how wonderful life can be.

Chapter 20: Get me to the Church.
Comics: #676 through 755

The title is due to Amber's secret love of musicals. The comic is likely due to resulting madness of said Amber. Either way, it's looking to be an interesting escapade at Lost Lake when Alexsi turns up missing.

Chapter 21: Light Lunch.
Comics: #756 through #777

Many things can be discussed over lunch, as Lorenda and Kria are about to demonstrate. Will there be foreshadowing? Will there be revelations? Will there be blatent fanservice? I guess we'll wait and see...

Chapter 22: All hail Queen Mab.
Comics: #778 through #847

With a title like this, does this arc really need an explanation?

Chapter 23: Continuity is for the weak!
Comics: #848 through #857

Giving Amber free reign over the content is never a good idea. But maybe a few questions will get answered in the process. Or maybe Amber will just end up stalling until Fluffy forces her to work again.

Chapter 24: The Return of Dark Pegasus?
Comics: #858 through #1024

Old faces, new faces, it seems the dead can always draw a crowd. But how can Dan be expected to think on his feet when it seems the whole world is dragging him down? Guess it'll be up to the mother of all flashbacks to save this story.

Chapter 25: Fae
Comics: #1025 through #1035

With great power comes...oh hey! Shinies!

Chapter 26: Painting the town Red
Comics: #1036 through #1117

The things one has to do to have a good night on the town. But you never know who you may run into. Or worse, you have a good idea of who.

Chapter 27: Randomosity
Comics: #1118 through #1200

Sometimes a story has a big direction to go for. Other times it just putters about aimlessly. Let's guess which one this one will be!

Chapter 28: Back to Basics
Comics: #1201 through #1283

Life is full of lessons. Sometimes the best way to learn something is to go to a school dedicated to learning that subject. Sometimes the best way to learn something is to just stay home.

Chapter 29: Girls Day In
Comics: #1284 through #1310

When the working day is done, girls just wanna have fun. Or get a job. Or solve mysteries. Or maybe just watch the grass grow.

Chapter 30: And Then Everything Went Wrong
Comics: #1311 through #1383

Well this is inconvenient.

Chapter 31: Friends in High Places
Comics: #1384 through the Latest Comic

If there is anything to learn in the world, it is often that no matter where you are...there is a bigger fish out there. And then even then there is usually a bigger fish than that one. And then a bigger fish with like, futuristic robotic arms and stuff. And then it just gets wierd.

Bonus Comics
Chock full of all sorts of bonusy goodness. Includes: random comics from the Artist herself and Special Guest Comics.

Wallpaper Wars
These are all (or nearly all) the images for Mabby's various Wallpaper Wars, assembled for easy access.

Bonus Arc #1: Abel's Story
Part one of Abel's Story: A more serious and dramatic story revolving around Abel.

Bonus Arc #1b: Abel's Story (Part Two)
Part two of Abel's Story: A more serious and dramatic story revolving around Abel.

Bonus Arc #2: Matilda
Matilda: A more indepth backstory to one of the most unique looking characters in the DMFA roster..

Mini Arc: Perfect Date
What does the cast of DMFA look for when looking for love? Find out via one players game-save.

Mini Arc: Take Pride
A focus on the various DMFA cast regarding their LGTBQ+ influences.

Mini Arc: Borked Wrist Sketchapalooza
Various doodles/sketches drawn while Amber works on getting their hands to stop being so wiggly.

Mini Arc: Have yourself an un-canon little Christmas.
Twas the night before Christmas. And all through the lab. Was a bubblegum bunny making Christmas less drab...

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