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In an attempt to finally get a working links page to other comics, I abandoned trying to use buttons or banners since I like many comics and sites. All these are sites that I actually go to myself or like personally. There should be a little commentary over each one so its your call. They have all been split into groups and are alphabetical... cause I'm wierd like that.

These comics are the comics I check everyday to see if they've updated. Sometimes they update a lot, sometimes it's sporadic. But I'm still stopping in everyday as part of my morning rounds.

Buddies in Big Places: A comic around a group of characters in the land of Cumbria. A very interesting comic, though not for everyone. It's unapologetically mature with a loose artstyle, so most people will either enjoy this comic or really hate it.

The Devil's Panties: as the tagline often jokes, it is not Satanic porn. More a semi-autobiographical narrative of the author and her life's adventures. From conventions to relationships to parenting struggles.

Questionable Content: Kind of slice of life? If slice of life included robot AIs.

Sister Claire:Despite the potential of sacriliciousness, it's a very adorable comic and I love the colour and style used in it. Also the artist's ability to sneak in easter egg references is uncanny.

Something Positive: Not recommended for kids, but anybody with a dark sense of humour will probably find this comic funny.

These comics usually update once or twice a week so I tend to check a couple of times a week to see if they've updated.

Alien Dice: Done by Syke, who is rumoured to be a robotic comic-making machine. Its got a bit of drama, romance, and comedy though a bit of a depressing theme now and again. But the art is wonderful and the world-smithing is really impressive with deep characters.

Awkward Zombie Comics:It actually doesn't have much to do with the title. The comic is more a gaming comic than one that deals with undead. Probably one of the funnier gaming strips out there. And considering how many gaming comics there are, that can be a tricky feat.

Cyantian Chronicles: A sister site to Alien Dice, this site revolves around the Martian Acadamy and the various characters there. Good art from Syke like always, there is a lot of things to read and enjoy there. Probably one of the beginning comics I ever read back when it was just called "Satin and Silk"

Forward:My husband's current comic project(at the time I write this), a story about a Lee and their emotional support robot Zoa.

FreeFall: Its hard to properly describe FreeFall. Its very-much more a sci-fi comedy than anything else I can think to term it with. With an alien, a robot, and a large-anthro wolf(doggie!), its not only really funny, its pretty intelligent too.

Gunnerkrigg Court: Another epic comic. A nice mixture of magic and technology. Very surreal but very sensible. I recommend this comic to anyone who enjoys a comic that gets a person thinking.

Yellow Brick Ramble:Done by the same artist of Gastrophobia, this is an absolutely delightful story of Ozma from Oz. The amount of lore and references in every panel is wonderful.

These comics either update rarely or have an infrequent schedule so I usually just check them every so often. Also includes comics that may have stopped updating but I still check in just on the off-hope they're back.

Deer Me: It's a cute comic, done by one of the nicest peeps you could possibly meet. A bit of slice of life...and a bit of Yobo. *cough*

Goblins:Another comic that's been around long enough for me to make a death pact to read until one of us ends. Featuring goblins!

Las Lindas: Done by Chalosan, a comic about an anthromorphic cow-girl in her pursuit to save her families farm from being bought out or from falling apart. Smashing art, interesting characters. An interesting read overall.

Magellan:Probably one of my favorite superhero webcomics out there. The author takes an interesting spin to what some would consider an overused medium and creates a very detailed yet well thought out universe.

Misty the Mouse: A bit of slice of life featured around a fairly well endowed ladymouse and her friends. It has comedy, drama, and some fairly poignant moments. Definitely worth a look-through.

Sabrina Online: Probably one of the more well-known furry comics online. The artwork is awsome, and it only updates once a month. You probably already know about Sabrina Online, but if you don't, the best way to find out would be through the site so check it out.

The Eye of Ramalach:One of my all-time favorite comics on the internet. I love Avencri's art and characters so much and would recommend this comic immensely.

These comics have ended and are here more for archival purposes.

Castlevania RPG (CVRPG): The comic my brother (who designed the new DMFA layout) and I started many moons ago. He runs it, for the most part, and, unless I kick him some art, it's sprite based. The sprites are custom works, and the comic has its own feel to it that works well. I used to just have a link at the bottom of the page to the comic, but he's a bugger and moved it up here, too. O_o

Code Name Hunter: A really well-done pencil comic that reminds me of the "Great Mouse Detective"...only cooler...and with less Disney-G ratings. One of the nice things about it is entertaining in a way thats hard to describe. Did I mention that its really well-done?

GastroPhobia: Set in not-so-accurate but oh-so-entertaining Ancient Greece, the comic follows a former amazon named Phobia as she raises her son Gastro and has interesting adventures. The artstyle is unique and my only regret is the comic doesn't update more..

Leftover Soup: My husband's previous webcomic.(at the time I write this) Through infernal contract I am obligated to post this link otherwise I lose 14 marraige points. well that and it is a pretty amusing comic that follows the antics of three twenty-somethings in their pursuit of a plot.

MSPaint Adventures: I highly recommend Problem Sleuth, a quirky choose your own adventure atmospheric tale of a hardboiled detective. There's also Homestuck, but that's your own beartrap to step into.

Manly Guys doing Manly things: If you aren't reading this comic, I feel bad for you. It's funny, well drawn, and I have yet to be unamused by it.

The Zombie Hunters: I do love me a good zombie webcomic. And the Zombie Hunters is very much a good zombie comic. Starts off a bit more lighthearted but you can definately see the amount of world-building the creator has put in to make the comic very well done. The art is also impeccable.

Mab's Land:My alternate webpage that I use primarily for art and kicking around potential future products. Updates 10x less than DMFA but might be fun to see other things I draw.

Tailsteak: My slav... um... husband's site. Tailsteak is probably most known for being the maker of 1/0 but he also has a new site with some pretty nice new comics. He's pretty groovy... and not because I'm dating him... though that is a nice plus.

And Finally... Check out the Inverted Dungeon. My brother (who designed the new DMFA layout) runs this site. It has all sorts of rantings, humor, etc... He can also be commisioned to do websites, obviously.

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