Name: Aliph Soulstealer

Nicknames: The Dark Pegasus, DP

Age: 760

Status: Dead

Family: Sister (Kria), Niece (Lorenda), Second-Niece (Regina)

Species: Demon-Pegaus

Hobbies: Plotting, Reading, Experimenting

Hair Colour: Light Red

Eye Colour: Red

Often Seen: Brooding, Attempting a grand scheme of evil

Most known for: Being the creator of the Undead race

Favorite Food: Doesn't really eat these days, but enjoys tea

Favorite Colour: Dark Red

First Appearance: Comic #148


Personality: Not a whole lot is known about Dark Pegasus, which is likely due to his reclusive nature. While he is more than willing to engage in acts of evil intent, Dark Pegasus is very much a creature of civility. He is very self-aware of the stereotypes that exist for those who are considered a description and thus will try to avoid falling into said stereotypes himself. Sometimes this works better than others. Despite the deeds he does, it seems Dark Pegasus doesn't necessarily enjoy engaging in evil so much that he feels they are a necessity to achieve whatever goals he has. As such, he has a high distaste for wasteful and pointless acts of violence and tends to look down on many of his demon him the appearance as a bit of a snob. However, due to various events, Dark Pegasus has grown more paranoid over the years and also seems to have taken up a few of the habits that he strives so hard to avoid. There are many things about Dark Pegasus that are unknown, no doubt this is due to Dark Pegasus himself making it that way.

History: There are many things unknown about Dark Pegasus' past. The biggest event surrounding him was his involvement in the creation of the Undead race...which later spawned a series of laws in regards to creating new life and races. From most sources, it seemed that Dark Pegasus had spent a good amount of time preparing to create a massive Undead army from all those that had recently died. The exact nature of the spell is unknown since Dark Pegasus has been very careful not to reveal his secrets...however it is known there was a minor oversight and when all the dead arose from their graves, the fact they had retained their former memories and free will became very apparent. Embarrassed, and slightly enraged, Dark Pegasus retreated to the shadows. Years later he made a slight comeback with a different plan involving some forgotten dark god, only for him to be defeated by a novice adventurer Daniel Ti'Fiona. He's been back two other times with the same attempt...and the same results. How he has been able to come back is anyones guess, but many suspect Dark Pegasus has some powerful allies and that perhaps in his learning about Undeath, he had discovered a way to truly bring oneself back.

Quirks/Fun Facts: The Death Knights are an undead race Dark Pegasus controlled, and one of the only undead forces without free-will.
The horn in Dark Pegasus' nose and head are actually not natural, but implants.
Dark Pegasus has both regular vision and heat-vision.
Dark Pegasus can control the size of his own wings, making them as large or as small as he wants.

Dark Pegasus's Quote: We will meet again.

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