Name: Kria Soulstealer

Nicknames: Kria, Kree-Kree

Age: 418

Status: Single ("Divorced")

Family: Daughter (Lorenda), Brother(Dark Pegasus), Second-Niece (Regina)

Species: Demon-Mare

Hobbies: Chaos, Destruction, Hiking

Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Red

Often Seen: Most don't live long enough to report it

Most known for: Being a bane to society and street festivals

Favorite Food: *cough* Next question...

Favorite Colour: Red

First Appearance: Comic #96


Personality: Kria is the general embodiment of what the demon-race has to offer. Quick, manipulative, and sometimes downright cruel, Kria has done many things without the least bit of remorse. Most of this is due to the reasoning demons have in that anything with power has the right to use it over anything that doesn't. However, Kria has a few soft spots and as far as demons go, she is actually quite compassionate and good-tempered.

Her main soft spot is her daughter Lorenda whom she tries her best to keep in good contact with, though at times that is strained. Deep down, she is a little bit absent-minded when it comes to the way the world works despite her age, and in other cases she is a bit naive and prone to massive mood swings. This is likely due to the world practically changing right around her, which not only has left her trying to keep up with the times, but also fretting about the position she is in. Either way, Kria has managed to stay on top of the game and is one of the more infamous creatures in Furrae.

History: Kria's past is one of which she never really talks about...or if she did one never really lives long enough to write down. She was raised a demon-mare, and excelled in her studies. Since then she has been a freelancer of sorts, going on a rampage here...assassinations well as the general demon chaos. During one of those times she met a Bull whom she fell quite infatuated with. It ended rather tragically though when she caught him cheating on her with another mare. Shortly afterwards Kria found she was pregnant with Lorenda. Since then she has been stuck juggling between being a demon and being a mom.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Kria's claws can cut through most any material if she desires them to.
Kria has almost unlimited stamina, allowing her to run for miles or fight for hours without tiring.
Kria's skull-piece on her top isn't a skull but a magical amulet. What it does though is unknown.
Kria's ears are longer than the average demon-mare ears... this is likely just a genetic quirk. If it helps her hear better or not is unknown as Kria has heightened senses already.

Kria's Quote: I don't see why you're complaining, I let you keep your legs...

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