Be your own trophy boss.

A little late, but I'm not fussing too much since part of the new schedule routine is learning where some steps need more time. So I'm just going with the mindset that as long as I'm still working at it then that's what counts for now.

That and I spent the weekend chasing rabbits because the rabbits I helped rescue in November and returned to their original owners in December are BACK ON THE STREETS! BLARGH! And I'm so full of words and opinions that I'm not going to dump on you all. But I can say right now one of the rabbits has been recaught, the second still at large.

In the end though, I'm happy with how the comic came out overall. At the very least the extra time is giving me some opportunity to play around and experiment with some things. Like a goldfish I must grow to the size of my tank. See you next week!

- Ambaaargh

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