Name: Daniel Ti'Fiona

Nicknames: Dan, Danny

Age: 25

Status: Retired(?) Adventurer

Family: Mother (Destania), Father (Edward), Sister (Alexsi)

Species: Feline

Hobbies: Adventuring, Swordfighting, Drinking, Dancing

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Green

Often Seen: Showing off or Goofing off

Most known for: Going off on escapades

Favorite Food: Grilled Salmon, Ale

Favorite Colour: Red

First Appearance: Comic #1

When first meeting Dan, he appears very much a shallow type of character. This may be in part due to his upbringing as an adventurer, a job which has often led him to dealing with the most unsavory of creatures and types. As such, he can be quite stubborn and habits die hard when it comes to impressions. Despite that, Dan obviously adores being the center of attention, and tries to keep an optimistic and lighthearted look on the world. On the flipside, Dan completely abhors injustice and is easy to nudge into embarking on an escapade if he feels there is a wrong out there he can make right. Whenever times are slow, it is often Dan who comes up with the idea for a wild and zany adventure...usually trying to involve amazons but failing. And it is also usually Dan who ends up getting the brunt of the damage, but by luck or manifest destiny he seems to get through most situations undamaged. Deep down Dan is really a hopeless romantic...or just hopeless in general. In his freetime Dan likes to collect weapons.

Dan's Quote: Well what do ya know... it CAN be set on fire!

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