• Flaming hair
  • Avian
  • Gold to Red colouring
  • Always female
  • Vegetarian
  • Maximum life span: Unimportant

The Phoenix (A) Race

General: The Phoenix A race is composed of 42 individuals who all reside in various temples scattered through the lands of Furrae. In a way, the Phoenix race is considered an immortal race...for as soon as one "dies", it is reborn somewhere else in the world. That Phoenix will then travel back to whichever temple is the farthest, learning and researching new things about the world on the way. It's for that reason, along with their own oracle nature, that the Phoenix race is one of the most intellectual races. Whenever any creature or being requires an answer, they will usually seek out a Phoenix oracle. However, the oracles tend to be very vague and riddle-like in their answers. It's still unknown if they do that for a deep and meaningful reason or if they just get their kicks from it.

The Phoenix A race are all comprised of females. And while there are always rumours of half-breeds with a Phoenix or a temple of males...there has never been any evidence to this and most consider it the ramblings of wishful idiots. Since the Phoenix race is a cycle of death and rebirth, it is also common knowledge that they can end their lives whenever they choose...which makes capture or interrogation completely impossible. For the Phoenix A race, death is more an annoyance...especially if the walk to the temple is extra boring.

History: Whenever a major event has happened in Furrae, odds are there was a Phoenix A trying to tell someone in advance and getting ignored. For themselves, the Phoenix A race doesn't have much of a history. As long as anyone can remember, the Phoenix A race has been tending to their temples and gathering knowledge. In that regard, they are rather unspectacular.

Strengths: The Phoenix A race is incredibly smart. They also seem magically adept, however they never seem to use their abilities outside of basic functions like temple cleaning or repairing.

Weaknesses: The Phoenix A race doesn't really have any known weaknesses. They can be killed by any simple means. However, when they die, they are simply reborn in another place.

Notable Figure (Pandora): Age unknown, Pandora's real name is unknown...however most have given her the nickname Pandora. While other Phoenix die and are reborn usually younger and with a slightly different outlook and personality...Pandora is reborn with the exact same form and the exact same purpose. As mentioned, the Phoenix A race are complete pacifists who will refrain from fighting by any means. However, if someone truly wrongs a Phoenix A...they will soon be visited by Pandora.

Pandora is said to have the knowledge of the exact time and means that one will die. And that if she tells you this information, it will not only drive you insane...but also create an unbreakable prophecy. So much that anyone who is entrapped in it will have no choice but to fulfill their destiny and die at that particular time and method regardless of desire or choice. No one is quite sure if this is legend or not, as the only ones who ever speak of her are the insane who claim she has visited them.

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Demonology 101 - Phoenix (A)