• Multiple limbs (?)
  • Multiple eyes (?)
  • Varying sizes (tiny-huge)
  • Various-oriented magic
  • General oddness
  • Maximum life span: 15 to 100+ thousand years

The Mythos Races

General: The Mythos is a very hard to describe race since it consists of multiple races, with each group showing unique traits and abilities. Some might have multiple limbs, while others have multiple heads. They can be smaller than a breadbox and bigger than a house. Some are friendly and peaceful, while others give the demon race a run for its money as far as fierceness goes.

It is because of such diversity that many have a hard time dealing with Mythos as confusion can run abound. One gets the feeling that the Mythos race is almost a boiling pot of "wierd freaky critters" that don't fit into other easily identified categories. Regardless of their oddness, many Mythos are quite the potent magic users and seem to have very close ties to magical lore. Many of the spells in circulation where created and tested by various Mythos, as well as many of the magical devices that exist. Since no two groups are alike, many alliances are made and broken to non-Mythos groups. Some Mythos prefer the company of creatures while others prefer to live amongst urban cities of beings. While a good deal of Mythos do many great things for all societies, their darker nastier kin are often the most likely source of trouble alongside the demon race.

History: For the longest time the Mythos race was engaged in civil war...back before many records were kept even. However, thousands of years ago a group of high-powered and intelligent leaders soon rose up and managed to unite the various races under a single race title thus allowing the Mythos a role in the councils. Sadly a darker part of that history was the inevitable genocide of the groups who didn't join into the alliance. Some would claim it was for the best, others not...such is the nature of history. Even today there are still echoes of Mythos races living in hiding from not only modern civilization, but their own kind out of fear despite the intolerance of such beginnings having long since faded away.

Strengths: It tends to vary on the mythos. Some are super-fast, some can defy gravity, some can withstand extreme heat or cold...almost all have some element of magic but in the end it boils down to which group they are from.

Weaknesses: Like strengths, it will vary greatly. Many adventurers hold a great deal of knowledge of the various mythos that exist and their strengths/weaknesses. So do many libraries...and both tend to be rather long-winded.

Notable Figure (Zingauru): Age 24,729, Zingauru is one of the first creatures known to start recording the innerworkings of spells. Before then, most magic was a traditional hand-down from generation to generation. Thanks to Zingauru and other Mythos of his kind though, they were able to start rationalizing a basic science to the inner-workings of spells and how to manipulate the raw energy to create various new spells. His books on the matter are some of the most respected works regarding spellcraft and many magical schools use them now to teach students the art of magic.

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