• Hard exoskeleton
  • Large antenni
  • Clawed toes and/or stinger
  • Earth/Fire-oriented magic
  • Vegetarian
  • Maximum life span: -13(Scout)-100(Worker)-200(Soldier)-900 (Queen) years

The Insectis Race

General: It isn't too hard to guess where the Insectis race got it's name from. A large hivelike civilization, the Insectis race lives deep underground in secret catacombs. There is not a good deal of information about them as they are one of the most antisocial races of all Creatures, only coming to the surface to trade with select few or engage in important council meetings. The only time the Insectis even cross the attention of anyone is when mining companies are unfortunate enough to find themselves too close to an Insectis tunnel. The punishment for infringing on their territory is severe with few to no survivors.

The Insectis view the underground world as their entire kingdom, and any who dare enter it a tresspasser (save for particular sections which are given allowance by them) It is known that there is a Queen (or Queens?) who rules over the entire group but the actual rulings and innerworkings are left a mystery. For the most part, the race is quite happy to leave the surface to those above and to be left alone in peace.

It is known however the Insectis love glittering things like gold and gems, so it isn't uncommon for them to be found mining in the very areas a would-be hotspot is. There is only one thing the race seems to adore more than gold and jewels, and that is feathers. The softness and bright colours seem to excite most Insectis and they are most happy to trade riches of some wealth in exchange for rare and exotic feathers. It is also for this reason most winged races tend to avoid going underground since many a time an adventurer with lovely wings has turned up missing around the Insectis.

History: The Insectis don't have a much recorded history available to the outside world. They seem on average to dislike and avoid alliances and contact with most races save for the necessary ones. The only exception to this rule is the Mer race, which the Insectis seem to have a very friendly relationship and alliance with. Underground there are quite a few water passageways built to allow the Mer race to travel to various locations. Many trade practices formed by other races with the Insectis were often done by the Mer race's suggestion.

Strengths: The Insectis can take quite alot in their element. Able to withstand extreme temperatures, lack of air, massive pressure...they are built to handle the worst that the underground can offer. They also show an amazing ability to evolve and adapt to their situation in a single generation.

Weaknesses: Since there are few encounters with the race, weaknesses are hard to find. And any that are discovered seem to disapeer after a generation or so. It is known that many Insectis are single-minded without tact though, so they can also be incredibly frustrating. Thankfully most Insectis have little to no interest in other races thus any real problems with them have been next to none.

Notable Figure (ChkChkTia): Age 244, ChkChkTia is one of the queens children who often acts as a speaker for the Queen's behalf since the Queen herself refuses to bother making an appearance herself. He seems on average to be the more polite and sympathetic of the Insectis speakers and it is because of him that any information on the Insectis race is known. A bit timid and seemingly paranoid despite being the Queen's favorite (this is only known because on average a Speaker for the Queen has a life expectancy of 2 meetings, where at ChkChkTia has been a visitor to the surface for over a hundred years). Not really a notable figure, but in the case of the Insectis, he is almost the only real figure the surface has to identify the race with...which might be the reason he is still about as what better image to present to the outside world than a friendly but meek Insectis.

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