• Bright Eyes
  • Beak and birdlike claws
  • Mix of feathers/fur body
  • HUGE size
  • Maximum life span: 200 years

The Gryphon (C) Race

General: The Gryphon C race consists of the larger, but much less intelligent version of the Gryphon B race. It should be noted that the A, B, and C classifications don't actually imply anything in actual Furrae as they are all called Gryphon, it is just for this Demonology mentioning to help people tell them apart.

Unlike the other two factions of the Gryphon race, Gryphon C seem to show no real signs of sentience. However, due to their enormous size and ferocity, as well as their connection to the other members of their race...most creatures tend to avoid tangling with them. It doesn't help that most Gryphon C types seem to have a subtle resistance to magic, making any fight with them more difficult.

Fortunately, this particular type of Gryphon is rather uncommon and the race seems to be solitary outside of nesting season. And since they will listen to the commands of other Gryphon types, it is very uncommon for them to be seen attacking any civilizations or public places. However, nearly all cities have some type of Gryphon alert as the giant ones do have a tendency to show up seemingly out of nowhere.

History: The three Gryphon races have always lived together as far as their records go, and as such it seems their historical note is almost interlocked. For the most part Gryphons don't play any major roles in historic events since the two-legged prefer to stick to their territories and document, the large ones to theirs and tend to terrorize, and the small four-legged ones tend to simply work alongside other creatures and beings for whatever reason they choose so. However if there is one gryphon, there is usually a good guess others won't be too far behind so a Gryphon spotted anywhere tends to be an alert (the only exception would be shaw-Gryphons).

Strengths: Gryphon C races are incredibly tough, and their large size lets them take on a lot of things. It has been documented a few times of Gryphon C types tangling with a dragon and giving the dragon a run for its money. They also show a bit of magic resistance as many spells have a hard time penetrating them.

Weaknesses: Dumb. As. A. Doornail. One of the reasons the Gryphon C race isn't considered as big a threat as they could be is that they are incredibly stupid and easy to fool. On the flipside, it also makes controlling them near impossible as they tend to have the attention span of a gnat.

Notable Figure (Makka): Age 15, Makka is only notable in that a few years back there was a nature documentary called "Flight of the Gryphons" that followed Makka's life. It gave a bit of insight into the life and activities of the larger Gryphons, and also some much useful information in how to prevent Gryphon C attacks. It is also the first time a non-gryphon was able to get moderately close to a Gryphon without them trying to eat him...though most beings considered the guy incredibly foolish. Then again, odds are half the reason they watched the show was they were expecting him to get chomped mid-production. Crikey.

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Demonology 101 - Gryphon (C)