Name: Biggs san

Nicknames: Biggs

Age: 22

Status: Ruling Twink Territories

Family: Sister (Wildy)

Species: Ferret

Hobbies: Romancing, Ruling, Fighting

Hair Colour: Pinkish-Red

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Surrounded by beautiful females

Most known for: Stealing random artifacts

Favorite Food: Pomegranates

Favorite Colour: Gold

First Appearance: Comic #85


Personality: Biggs enjoys living large... well... as large as a ferret his size can live. Ruler of the dreaded Twink Territories, Biggs is in command of some of the most mindless and power-gaming minions in all of Furrae. Luckily, they all tend to keep to themselves in a distant territory and are content to cause epic trouble amongst themselves. However when trouble does come about from twinks, chances are it is all due to Bigg's mastermind. Like his sister Wildy, Biggs will take any advantage he can get and underneath the party boy and playing exterior is quite the quick and sinister mind. Biggs rarely forgets anything, from a crush to a grudge. So if you've crossed paths, you likely haven't seen the last of him.

History: While Wildy rarely talks of her past, Biggs talks even less about his. This might be because exposing ones past opens one up to possible attacks and the last place to have any weakness is in the twink territories. This might change as time goes by, but as of now, it is mostly only known that Biggs has had a long running rivalry with Wildy and at some point he had managed to gain control of the Twinks, a feat few can even consider.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Biggs really has no sense of fashion and tends to dress in colours that don't match at all.
One of Biggs' trademark tokens is the necklace he wears around his neck.
Bigg's hair is more pinkish than his sister's hair. This annoys him to no end and sometimes he will dye his hair brown to match his fur.
Before Biggs, there was never a leader of the twink territories.

Biggs's Quote: When in doubt, set it on fire and blow it up.

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