Name: Aaryanna

Nicknames: Aary, Aary-kitty

Age: 428

Status: A teacher at SAIA

Family: Unknown

Species: Feline Succubus

Hobbies: Romancing, Dream-hopping, Pancake cooking

Hair Colour: Lavender

Eye Colour: Red

Often Seen: Teaching, Reading Cubi Lore

Most known for: The sites not rated for this question.

Favorite Food: Passion or Pain

Favorite Colour: Black

First Appearance: Comic #217


Personality: Aaryanna's personality is a mixture of pride and naive. Having lived a rather sheltered life in the Cubi Acadamies for much of her exsistence, Aary's perspective of the world is rather skewed. Aaryanna is highly intelligent when it comes to Cubi-related things, however she is finding that what she is learning seems to not mesh with what is going on outside. A rather quick temper, Aaryanna is very prone to letting her emotions get the better of her. With a deep-rooted pride for her heritage, she finds many things that go against what she has been taught very frustrating. Despite it all, Aaryanna does her best to get along with most people and often has to curb her own Cubi tendencies out of respect. Luckily, Aaryanna also tends to have a short attention span so her fits of anger quickly subside as she gets distracted by some random thing.

History: Aaryanna was born a Cubi and raised a Cubi deep within one of the hidden cities. A rather prodigal child, Aary was enrolled early to the Cubi Acadamies where she excelled in many of her classes. While popular, she made friends with her professor Destania the most and it was predicted that when Destania retired, Aaryanna was next in line for the position. However after Destania disapeared, Aaryanna soon forgot about that as she declared herself going on a quest for her friend and teacher. As soon as she graduated she had set off to search for Destania only to learn from an oracle that Daniel Ti'Fiona had killed her teacher. Angered, Aaryanna searched for Dan with no prevail.

Finally settling for a while at an abandoned mansion, Aaryanna spent a few months sulking and brooding when Merlitz and crew arrived. For a while she was dating Merlitz, however the two at the time have gone separate paths as she opted to follow a career and return to her roots.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Every Cubi has a clan-marking, Aaryanna's is the purple moon on her shoulder.
Aaryanna's appearance and outfit will shift depending on who all is around her.
Aaryanna only needs to feed off emotions to survive, but she has an affinity for toast.
Due to her abilities, Aaryanna should never be allowed to play poker. EVER.
It could be said Aaryanna is more a lover than a fighter, as the only class she ever failed in the Acadamies was Battle Tactics.
Aaryanna is a sucker for romantic songs.

Aary's Quote: Heehee... in your dreams... really.

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