• Multiple species
  • Very weak or no magic
  • Omnivore
  • Maximum life span: 75-100 years

The Being Race

General: The most common race in Furrae, Beings come in all shapes and sizes. A Being is generally defined as a non-magical race though there are exceptions to that rule thanks to many advances in magical learning. Nearly all Beings are omnivores as species really only plays an aesthetic role (As such, a rabbit-based being is fully capable of eating a ham sandwich and a wolf-based being can easily eat a salad). However a few races have strict taboos on the type of meat they can eat, especially if the non-sentient animal runs slightly similar to their own species (Much in the same way humans generally have a taboo on eating monkeys).

Since magic is for the most part unavailable to many beings, most rely on magical devices or the more recent rise of technology. It is likely that their so-called dependence on 'tools' is one of the reasons a few creature races consider beings to be inferior. Skirmishes between a powerful creature and a large group of Beings aren't an uncommon occurance not to mention the rise of the adventuring profession, groups of beings dedicated to defending their own from the more powerful creatures. Recently though the cold gap between the creatures and Beings has been warming up as more and more are finding benefits to being allies. Problems still occur quite often though and old grudges die hard.

History: Off all the races, the Beings history runs the most similar to that of our own: starting with a stone age, then iron, then steel, an industrial revolution, etc etc...though there are minor differences in all of it. In some areas of Being history, it is still in an ancient age of swords while a hundred miles away might be a place similar to a downtown suburbia...most often the type of cities built by Beings reflect the Creature influences that exist also. Most recently there has been a formation of a Creature-Being council though its effectiveness is in question.

Strengths: Beings are crafty and often quick to adapt where many a creature has tradition as its downfall. The recent technology and the ability to use it has also been an increasing bonus for many Beings. And of course, sheer numbers and the sense of solidarity.

Weaknesses: Beings are not the strongest, or very powerful when compared to their magical and often enchanced Creature counterparts. As such, they can be killed by many easy means.

Notable Figure (Delna): Age 41, Delna was in her youth one of the top adventuring-students of her time. Highly skilled, she quickly scored to the top of the Adventuring ranks and seemed full poised to take on the world and single-handedly defeat any Creature she chose. However, upon graduation she took to a profession as psychiatrist and counselor for both Creatures and Beings alike. Years later though the true merit of her actions proved beneficial as Delna's knowledge as an adventurer combined with her social skills proved handy in offering sound advice for many a Creature. It is very likely that Delna has convinced the same amount of Creatures to give up their negative ways and become no longer a threat as effectively as had she simply tried to slay them. Because of this she is likely one of the five most respected Beings alive. And even more lucky, should any Creature try something, she still has her Adventuring degree (and morningstar) to fall back on just as easily.

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