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I may or may not still be bad about using references. I blame the fact I am a big weenie for bright colours.

Lort, whatever plague got me managed to knock me flat for an entire week. In that I remember getting a cough on Tuesday and then it was Monday kind of flat. Even now I still have an awful cough that will probably haunt me for another week after.

I plan to put an archive section up for all the previous sketches soon, meant to do it at the start but then everything and its cousin decided to climb up my nose. But I'm making that a priority for this week now that I'm back on my feeties.

Well that and getting back on my medication routine since trying to get into the habit of taking beta blockers for the tremors is really difficult when laying and dying.

On good news, I have an MRI appoint scheduled!

In less good news, it's in January of 2024! Needless to say when I got this news mid-illness, I handled it with the grace and dignity of a bag of flaming swans. By which I mean a lot of ugly crying and feeling bad. Doing better now, and there is a chance the appointment may bump forward now that I'm in the system. But yeah...the waiting game. In the meantime, gonna just keep on keeping on.

Just been real rough.

- Ambaaargh

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