Sorry for the delay! The universe fought dirty!

Next Comic ETA: April 23rd, 2024

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The comic is about 85% complete, and technically if I pushed myself late with some shortcuts I could get it up tonight...but I've decided to go on the side of taking that little extra time to make the page look nice.

As folks may guess, this would mean the buffer has sadly run its course. You were a good buffer, and maybe one day I shall get one again. But at the very least it gave me that much needed headstart to get my inertia back on track.

And thankfully it was useful for the times I was getting crushed by life in all its snargly glory. It just happened this last week was too many things at once and I just didn't get the time I wanted to be able to sit down and work on anything I wanted.

Still though! Three and a half months solid feels pretty good. Especially since around this time last year I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to update at all anymore. So I'm going to take this setback on the chin and just keep on doot dooting to the finish line.

See ya tomorrow!

- Ambaaargh

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