A tiny shoulder to lean on.

It was also not my plan to leave the update on such a LONG cliffhanger, but all the plans of Mice and Mebs. One part is that I'm in the final stages of upgrading/updating the website and it's in that final crunch. The other part is a small technical difficulty with the scanner here. Which is going to be resolved come Monday when I can pick up a thumb drive from a store.

As such, I can't even scan my "DMFA will resume updates this Friday" image I had planned. However yes! DMFA returns Friday, and if all goes well will be doing so on a spiffy new site layout!

I want to deeply apologize for the extended delay. I'm pretty sure this atomizes what was left of the slacker tracer. Such is that end of the year cronch I suppose. But yee! I shall see you all Friday!

It was not my plan to leave the update on such a cliffhanger, but such as it is. That said, this page is brought to you by "Ambaaargh is so sick but didn't want to miss this update before their trip they did it while half disassociating."

There will be no update on Monday due to me traveling down to the states for Decembermas. There's a small chance Friday may not make it next week depending on how things go (there is always that non-zero chance all plans of a trip don't survive contact with the enemy) If that happens though I'll keep you all updated.

If anything, this upcoming couple of weeks will also be me hunkering down and finally working on the last touches for the new site which I'm hoping to roll out in time for the new year. Which means a lot of focus on that to happen.

December is kind of that wild month, not even factoring holiday stuff. But in any event, I shall see you on the other side of the border with the next update and news when it cooooomes.

- Ambaaargh

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