And thats BEFORE you add in family drama.

Comic Status Update: Updated!

Comic ETA: Wednesday (May 25)

(Possible Stream on Tuesday, May 24th 7PM EST.)

And now the Wednesday report!

It's been a while since I did a Demonology with Fluffy. I've been trying to keep most of the question from readers or demo 101 stuff to the bookends of the comics. Or at the very least try to keep about 20 pages of story updates in between them.

Really 90% of the comic work (and stream) was me just copy/pasting those little family symbols into a backdrop LIKE THE FOOL THAT I AM. But it was also pretty fun to do, and the company in stream was really nice too. I'm not settling down into a guaranteed thing, but I've been having an enjoyable enough time that I am going to see if I can hold this pattern for a bit.

Have a great week you all! Stay comfy!

- Ambaaargh

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