You know its a monologue when the special effects kick in.


Comic ETA: Wednesday (October 5th)

(Current Stream Plan: (Tuesday October 4th, 7PM EST).)

I'm currently not speaking to September, it knows what it's done. But the comic itself is chugging along! There is an 80% chance I may double-page the next update cause as much as I love writing big old walls of text while trying to be artsy, I'd rather not take 3 updates doing it. Especially since the next update means I get to get taaaAAaaake-OoooooOoOout.

Which is good since I think next Wednesday is my husbean's birthday. So I GUESS I will make sure to order something that he'll like too.

But for now, I'll catch ya'll on the next week!

- Ambaaargh

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