When clothes gets really dated.


It was likely noticed last update missed. I wish I had something exciting or even just a good reason other than feel sad and can't do anything I used to find fun anymore because it no longer even feels fun blarghness. Which I guess is the thing. Goodness these past years have not been my kindest and I'm just not doing the greatest at the time I write this.

After this update I'm going to take a step back and just try to focus on getting myself pulled back together proper. I'm going to go 90% offline for September, come back at the start of October with ideally my mentals back in a better spot. Or at least know where I can go from here.

My biggest goal is to try to get myself back under enough wraps to return to the 2 a week update schedule by years end. (I say when I know full well I went to 1 a week last year with that same resolution.) Lort, I've said it many times that I really don't deserve the beans who have been keeping along with me all this time. It's been kind of a wild and crazy rodeo...20+ years of one even. Kind of surreal to think about. And words cannot express how much I've appreciated you all. From the good times to some of the really lowest points of my life.

I have no plans of pre-maturely ending the comic. I plan to drive this jelopy right into the parking garage where it can rust apart proper! But right now, I have to swallow my screaming pride and just set everything down for a couple weeks to re-organize my whole life back up. But I will be back. And I'll hopefully see you all on the other side of this gate!

See you all in October, stay safe my beans.

- Ambaaargh

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