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Comic Status Update: DELAYED.

Comic ETA: Wednesday (August 17th)

(Current Stream Plan: Tuesday August 16th) 7 EST.)

And now the Monday report!

Writing this on Monday because I woke up to find out I slept on something wrong. And now that I'm not 20 and able to sleep like a slinky anywhere, ohboy does my arm have the grumblies! It's kind of made working on things really difficult so I highly doubt I'll have things ready in time for Wednesday. I plan to keep making progress as I can, but it's slow going due to the ouch as well as my desire not to push it and make things worse.

If something changes I'll let peeps know, but for now probably best to assume the comic is going to be missed this week. And if that's the case, I shall see you all next week!

- Ambaaargh

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