Seems fairly reasonable.

Current Progress: Updated!

Next Comic ETA: Wednesday (February 1st)

(Current Stream Plan: (Tuesday January 31st, 7:00PM EST)

After 20 years and 2100 updates it's finally happened. A character got to swear. Which by the rules of my censor pandas means the comic is now rated Fa-Teen as long as another swear word is never used again in the main strip. Which I guess we'll find out if that happens when the comics ends or the comic gets to update 4200. Whichever comes first!

(What I haven't mentioned is how I had totally planned to switch my censor panda icon to Fa-Teen as part of a joke...only to realize I must have removed Pai-Gon a while back. I have been played a fool by past me yet again. But I promise you had the censor panda been there this whole udpate would have been 80% funnier for folks reading this.)

As a heads up though, the next update may have extra panels to it. Enough so I may not reach the Wednesday deadline as planned. If it ends up being a double page updeet I'll let folks know ASAP. But I'd like to keep this regular update momentum going so here's to a good week everyone! Stay comfy and safe out there!

- Ambaaargh

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